How to view your account activity

Blog Post created by kristines on Oct 23, 2012

Hello Insiders


Ever wondered how to view your Marriott Rewards stays and earned points and certificates?  Your rewards summary is right in your Account Activity page.


Here’s how to find it:


  1. To open the “My Account” page, first log into your Marriott Rewards account and click My Account Overview.
  2. Using the tabs at the top of the page, click on Account Activity to view your points, transactions and certificates.
  3. In the Summary section, the Nights Earned box will breakdown your total nights earned this year and the total membership nights.  On the right side, you'll find the total number of nights needed to achieve the next rewards level, in addition to the total nights needed to renew your current level.
  4. The Transactions section displays your transactions by month or by specific dates for the past 13 months. More information on this section can be found in the View your hotel bills on My Account blog posting. You can also access the Missing Stay Request Form for stays that are not appearing in your account.
  5. The Unused Rewards Certificates section is located below. This shows all of the rewards certificates you can redeem for future stays. You can find more information on the Redeem rewards certificates blog posting.
  6. To print your account activity, click Print on the upper right corner of the page. Click Download to access a PDF of your account activity. Click the + sign for the listing of Marriott Rewards phone lines.


If you have any additional questions about your account, contact Marriott Rewards Customer Support at 1-801-468-4000.