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Starting off from drizzly Manchester... it begins!


This is how my DoubleTIPPLE works:


Flights and travel

Outbound, UK to USA

04/25 08:00 MAN-DUB RyanAir - £22

04/25 12:30 DUB-IAD Aer Lingus - £88 & 13k Avios

Return, USA to UK

04/29 11:20 WAS-NYP Amtrak train - £38

04/29 19:20 JFK-MAN Virgin Atlantic - £27 & 2k Miles



04/25 Intercontinental The Wharf - 35kIHG

04/26 Residence Inn Capital View - Cat 1-5 cert

04/27 Renaissance Capital View - DoubleTIPPLE HQ

04/28 Renaissance Capital View - DoubleTIPPLE HQ


And here’s how it turned out, in Eastern time -


01:00 Wakey wakey (thats 6am in England)

01:15 Lift to airport.

01:30 Queue for security, belt off, iPad out, toiletries out, pockets emptied.

02:00 Security cleared.

02:15 Flight gated, queue at Gate.

02:45 RyanAir flight boarded seat 32A £22.

03:06 Take off from MAN,

03:46 Land at Dublin airport.

04:00 Passport cleared.

04:05 Selfie time in Dublin, scenic, eh?Well, at least its blue skies...




04:15 Queue for security (again) belt off, iPad out, toiletries out, pockets emptied.

04:30 Security cleared.

04:45 Breakfast, coffee and bacon barm.

05:05 Queue for American preclearnce machine.

05:06 Get preclearance slip, go down to preclearance area.




05:10 Queue for security (yet again!) belt off, iPad out, toiletries out, pockets emptied.

05:20 Security cleared, queue for USA passport control.

05:40 USA Passport control cleared.

05:50 Flight Gated, wait at gate.

06:45 Flight called, boarding begins. My status at BA puts me in boarding group... let’s see, Z, yeah, Z!

07:10 My bird to DC, for all you avgeeks out there!




07:15 Boarded and found my accommodation for the next 8 hours




07:35 Pushback...

07:50 Take off from Dublin

15:25 DoubleTIPPLE lands at Washington Dulles

15:50 Wait for 5A bus for L’Enfant Plaza

16:10 Bus journey begins

17:05 Arrive at L’Enfant Plaza

17:30 Check into Intercontinental on the Wharf


As I was making my way to the hotel I passed shake shack after checking in hotel returned there to grab a quick burger and a beer, only to come across the First casualty of tourism, local customs. In DC fast food places won’t serve beer without identification, and cautious TIPPLEr I am, I’d left my passport in my hotel room. So for the rest time in 30years I was refused a beer! I’m not sure that’s good or bad!


Let the TIPPLing begin, lining ‘em up




So here I am sat in the Intercontinental bar burning my free drink voucher on a Caribbean Kicker. It’s a surprise as I’m used to eating my chilles, not drinking them. Pleased they serve free water. Gosh, chillies in drinks, that’s foul.. Luckily the Dc Brau is a better choice!