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Yes folks, happy, happy happy 1,232,876! Marriott's happy number!

Mmmmm, so I guess I should explain myself.

Marriott has reportedly signed a contract with the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, but what caught my eye in the press release was the small print at the end. Marriott Rewards now claims 45million members.

Thats a big number. Thats bigger than any single state in the US. That's a decent sized country. Heck of the 27 EU countries only 5 have a higher population than 45 million.

And another number too, Marriotts on the edge of achieving 700,000 rooms worldwide. If all are simultaneously occupied by 2 people then the number staying at Marriott hotels on that one night is more than the population of Birmingham, Britain's 2nd city, or San Diego, the US 5th.

But, my number for the day isn't Birminghams population, or the number of Marriott members worldwide, but the potentiality these numbers represent.

Of course, most of the members making up that huge 45million membership are inactive. But it's a massive database, and if it could be activated, well Marriotts hard pressed franchisees would be salivating at the outcome. For if that entire 45 million membership stayed only 10 nights per annum in Marriott hotels, then MR members would be spending 450,000,000 nights (Yes, you read that right, 450million) in Marriotts worldwide each year, or 1,232,876 for each and every night. That's a 175% occupancy rate against the mere 700,000 rooms available!

So what can Marriott do to incentivise their membership to stay only 10 nights each year?