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This is essentially a follow-up to my blog 2018: Final Year of SPG as We Know It! 



Last year represented “The Year of the Merge”. This year represents “The Year of Hope”, only because I’m hopeful that Marriott will do whatever it takes to improve service levels across the spectrum.  Elites are leaving in droves, exploring other brands or even non-brands like VRBO & Airbnb;  so Marriott needs to  encourage improvement in some areas, especially those that are tech-related.  Regardless, as I did last year, I will record some notable personal stays here.  


I’m no uber-stayer, as my stays are solely leisure-oriented, but I have reached Lifetime Titanium and have “slept with” Marriott for 22 years. I’ll note my views on employee courtesy, Titanium recognition, upgrade offering, lounge, food & beverage, pool, overall impression.


The following stays represent my personal opinions based on my own personal experiences at Marriott properties. They aren’t meant to be representative of other people’s views