Lift Off!

Blog Post created by gatilla007 on Feb 10, 2016

This is my first blog post, yey!

Hard to believe we've been FL residents for 7+ months already, where did the time go? In that short period of time, I've played tour guide to fam and friends 4x, and purchasing the Kennedy Space Center annual pass for $89 was a wise choice!

With 3 trips to KSC under my belt, it's more than paid off. Being married to a real rocket scientist, I have to be a space geek, and for me spending a few hours at the Visitor Center with friends never gets old. So much history there! Always exciting to see everything that's going on and learn first hand about all the current projects NASA is working on. I'm not gonna talk smack about mouseplanet, but in my humble opinion, a trip to Kennedy Space Center is way more worth it! At $50 p/person, it's cheaper, less crowded, more interesting and definitely more enjoyable! You may even get to experience a rocket launch! I'll post better pics in future posts.

Til next time...