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Most threads related to New Orleans Marriott options are 2+ years old. I am planning a two-day trip there in November. So far I am looking at Marriott and Saint properties as most promising. Any insider opinions, breakfast reviews, and recent upgrade experiences (I am Elite Ambassador level) on either of these or other NOLA properties would be

Traveling parts of the US at winter approaches can be risky. Snow can create flight delays or hazardous road conditions. Add to that fewer hours of daylight and it gives me more reasons to curtail wrap up my county collecting travels for the year by early November. Back at the end of September, I reckoned I could make a trip to southern Missouri
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After a night across town in Sugar Land, Texas, to attend an incredible concert from  at the gorgeous Smart Financial Centre I discovered a very unusual item when I was showering this morning at the Sugar Land Hotels | Sugar Land Marriott Town Square.    Any of you seen this
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As the weather grows colder and the days shorter in the northern hemisphere, signs of the year-end holidays are upon us. Christmas decorations are in every store, seasonal "now hiring" signs are up, and pumpkin spice is on every coffee shop menu.    Will you be home for the holidays or are you heading to see family or to visit somewhere