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So here goes... As Marriott insiders do we complain to much and not take action ourselves.   I have recently moved to Marriott ( January 2019) and from reading the posts by other users of the Marriott brand it would seem as if sometimes its the worst in the world. Do we just expect higher levels of service as we go up the tiers and let that

Hooray, we seem to be back up and running again.  These outages are becoming a bit disconcerting.  Can anyone get to their "activity" section on the website.  I've not not access for 9 days now.  Yikes!  
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Hi Insiders,   I do not post often on here, but wanted to take a moment and celebrate that I hit Lifetime Platinum at the ripe age of 26  (based on the old requirements). I was able to hit it by applying for the sign up bonuses for credit cards, Megabonus promotions and the constant travel that consulting demands. I was speaking to
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Now that it's November, 2018 will soon be behind us. Undoubtedly many Insiders are working out details for trips in 2019.    For now, let's stick with trips that are either planned or that have a reasonably good chance of happening. Of course, not everything planned or under serious consideration will happen, just as some trips