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500?  What 500?  The Daytona 500? The Indianapolis 500? No, the Marriott 500!!!  The race is coming down the final straightaway. With 490 unique Marriott Branded properties in the rear view, I had just TEN to go. Let the great reveal begin.   #491    A post Christmas trip to San Francisco chalked up the first Luxury

As you may have become aware of, when traveling abroad to Marriott/Starwood resorts status is widely unrecognized. In other words, typically, there are no upgrades, no breakfast, no lounge access...nothing that you have earned. I spoke with a "resort specialist" at Marriott this evening and was told, "Well, it's not that your status isn't
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Do I have any recourse when Marriott cancels a confirmed reservation?    Here is my very disappointing situation:  As a loyal Lifetime Gold Marriott member for many years and SPG Amex (now Bonvoy) for a long time, I get the following email less than 24 hours before I was scheduled to arrive for a week’s stay