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Recently was in Toronto from the US. Stayed in the Sheraton Centre for the first part of the trip due to a conference, and then when the conference was over moved to the Marriott Eaton Centre for the remainder of the trip. I did something in the move I have never done before--left the passport case at the Sheraton. (before you berate me, I am

Marriott is my preferred hotel to stay in when travelling.  I get tons of points by using my card and staying at the properties.  Anyone know of any other way to get Marriott Points (ie I get AA points for AA dining and miles for opinions - cannot seem to find any options like that for Marriott, do e-rewards where I can then redeem for
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UPDATED   I will start off with if you are an AV Geek then this is right up your alley, if not feel free to read on or simply move to the next thread which could be the thread!    As a guy who got interested in aviation at a very early age and got my Private Pilot License at the