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  How do you think this will affect you & your points earning potential?   An additional 500 bonus points will be awarded to US-based Marriott credit card holders, for each stay that includes a Fri or Sat night (details in comments below)    

This is essentially a follow-up to my blog 2018: Final Year of SPG as We Know It!      Last year represented “The Year of the Merge”. This year represents “The Year of Hope”, only because I’m hopeful that Marriott will do whatever it takes to improve service levels across the spectrum.
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Now that it's November, 2018 will soon be behind us. Undoubtedly many Insiders are working out details for trips in 2019.    For now, let's stick with trips that are either planned or that have a reasonably good chance of happening. Of course, not everything planned or under serious consideration will happen, just as some trips
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Since IAHFLYR, trippin', pluto77, and a few others have been having sporadic aviation discussions in threads that have nothing to do with aviation, I thought I'd at least steer those discussions into it's own discussion thread.  communitymanager, perhaps we can start an aviation enthusiast group?  In the mean time, this will be our home