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How's this for a headline? Marriott to Introduce Dynamic Pricing for Bonvoy Award Bookings    A couple of interesting takeaways quoted from the above article Marriott’s tack in this case seems to be more of a light version of dynamic pricing. Notably, peak rates will also be determined as a function of hotel bookings and

Please let Insider's know where your last Marriott stay was and whether or not you were upgrade to a Suite.  This will give Insider's a read on whether or not they have a good chance of getting a suite upgrade...Thanks!!!
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For you experienced members, what do you feel is the optimal way to use your points?   in the past I’ve used them to book five night stays for the four night redemption - always seemed like a great deal to me, cashing in about 180k points for a nice little vacation.   I’m sitting on about 450k and wondering if there are