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Now that the Fall 2018 MegaBonus is over, Marriott is beginning to send out some targeted promotions to some members. So far there seems to be little rhyme or reason to what is appearing—bonus points, double elite night credits, bonus elite night credits, or even nothing. For those who haven't received anything yet, it might be worth waiting

Since IAHFLYR, trippin', pluto77, and a few others have been having sporadic aviation discussions in threads that have nothing to do with aviation, I thought I'd at least steer those discussions into it's own discussion thread.  communitymanager, perhaps we can start an aviation enthusiast group?  In the mean time, this will be our home
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Insiders....what are your thoughts on having to monitor your account and fill out missing stay requests if your stay/points dont post.    Do you feel that the member should be compensated with extra points for having to spend the time going through this process?    This has happened to me several times and I think a set
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I just completed a 25 day bicycle adventure, biking 1200 miles through Europe staying at Marriott when available, booking between 2 to 4 rooms per stop as a Titanium Elite.  Used for hotels along my route where Marriott was not available.  These were my Marriott stays along the way and my experiences. Renaissance Amsterdam