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I recently logged on to the Marriott app to look at possible rewards stays and noticed an insane amount of Points required for nearly every stay I searched.  You used to be able to do a 5 night stay at almost any location if willing to go Courtyard, RI, or Fairfield for 160k or less.  You could go high end for 240 or less.  Now I am

After 18 years as Platinum, I achieved Lifetime Titanium Elite status (aka lifetime Platinum Premier aka legacy lifetime Platinum Elite).  Unfortunately I crossed the threshold for nights and points during the heat of the Marriott/SPG merger. I was a little surprised to find that this accomplishment came with zero acknowledgement: no letter,
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 I was extremely excited about my trip to San Francisco for my birthday this year! Well unfortunately things did not go as I hoped for and I have no one to thank for but Marriott for this regretful experience. The check in process was a mess… I had requested a room on the top floor because I cannot  have overhead noises due to my
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Would you be upset or rethink hotel loyalty if this happen to you?   I am a Silver Elite Lifetime Member now but who was a Platinum who had a lil guy dropped to gold then silver. I have traveled around the world. And have still always chosen Marriott. Even if I have to drive a little further to get to one. With a Hilton right where I am. I