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As we approach another Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S.A. and other Countries celebrate other holidays let us all have safe travels and enjoy time with family and friends....even Marriott!!   Let us not forget the many Military families around the worlds who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country, thank you to all of them

I have just booked a Cunard Cruise departing from Sydney on 9th March 2020.  I arrive in Sydney on the 6th of March and need to book accommodation with Bonvoy, preferably with points for the 3 days before my departure.  I then sail to Singapore arriving on 24th March. I fly back home on 27/4/20. I therefore need accommodation in
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Since IAHFLYR, trippin', pluto77, and a few others have been having sporadic aviation discussions in threads that have nothing to do with aviation, I thought I'd at least steer those discussions into it's own discussion thread.  communitymanager, perhaps we can start an aviation enthusiast group?  In the mean time, this will be our home
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This is silliness of course, but I’m collecting key cards from every Marriott brand, then framing the collection. In roughly a year & a half, I’ve been to 26 of 30 Marriott portfolio brands. If I’m offered the generic “elite member” card, I ask to see what the regular card looks like to see if I already have it.