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As the travel year is coming to an end, I've totaled up my Points earnings this year. I decided to track all my travel earnings in a spreadsheet this year (hotel, airline & rental car) to make sure that I was receiving the earned points and also to give me the ability to project both status levels and points that we would have available to

So the Mega Bonus promotion is what it is. I unlocked my second offer 3 business days after my 2nd stay and it was get 5000 points after your next stay—however I had 3 stays in between my posting date and my unlock since it occurred over a weekend (so really 5 days). I do not get credit for the 3 stays in between the posting date  and
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So I hit 53 nights (I will get 3 more on a trip between Xmas and New Year's).  I have my annual choice selection and am not sure what the best option is. I was expect to do the 5 nights, thinking that they would rollover or not post until January but I'm not sure that they will?  Can I make my choice IN January and have them count for